CEO & Co-Founder, Boston

While stuck in bumper-to- bumper traffic on his way to work on Mass Pike (Interstate-90 East for those of you not from Boston), 'A' realized that most of the cars had only one driver. And yet everyone was heading in the same direction. He had his 'lightbulb' moment - an idea to create a community to make ride sharing easy and effortless.He is a Mechanical Engineer from India with an MBA from the US. He is the founder, sleep-deprived father of three, multi-time zone juggling driving force behind m2s services.
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Co-Founder, Boston

'S' is the sounding board of this solution and came up with the name for this service. She helps keep it real and is the sole force behind m2s business development strategy and marketing.She has a Bachelor's degree in Commerce from India and is an MBA in Finance & International Business from the US



Quaterback, Netherlands

'S' is the quarterback (team captain) leading m2s development. She is the binding agent to develop this agile solution across different mobile platforms and the web. She gets the job done – period. She is a Computer Science engineer from Haryana and now based in the Netherlands.



OR Expert, New York

'A' is an operation research expert. She laid the conceptual foundation and designed the ride matching algorithm. She took a leap of faith on 'A's' idea and worked patiently during the first phase of development. She has bachelors from MIT and a Master's degree in Operations Research from Columbia University.



Algorithm Developer, Seattle

'A' developed the m2s algorithm. She worked very closely with other 2 'A's during the first phase of development. She has undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Harvard.



.Net Dev, Mumbai

'R' developed the m2s database and web application. She is a bundle of fun but gets stuff done! She is a computer Science Engineer from Rajasthan.



Android Dev - Pune

'Sam' developed Android app for m2s. He is a Mechanical Engineer and works as a freelancer. He sees the true potential of m2s solutions to elevate traffic problems in his hometown of Pune. He made the development fun and raced to go live before iOS.



iOS Dev, Bangalore

'P' developed IOS app for m2s. Even though Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India, it is becoming the worst city in terms of traffic. He clearly sees how m2s can make a difference!!


Ken Vancini

Advisor, Boston

Ken is the CEO of Avatar, a private investment firm making a difference in the world by investing in and supporting companies in behavioral health and wellness.He is an influential thought leader in the world of leadership development — recognized as a trusted advisor to executives and organizations around the globe.
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Director, Business Development miles2share ride sharing pvt ltd, India

Sarita is a management graduate who left her banking profession 10 years back to take care of family. This is her come back to professional life and she is very excited about miles2share mission to help people save money & time, reduce traffic congestion and carbon emission. She is also a yoga practitioner.

Hatim Brahimi

Hatim Brahimi

Business Development Manager, Boston

Hatim is an undergraduate in business & computer science and entrepreneur, who became interested in miles2share when he himself had hard times commuting to school knowing that there were other people taking similar routes in the area but there was no way to connect. Asides from school, and bringing his ideas to life, Hatim loves to teach, volunteer, coach, and play soccer !

Rob Gorham

Rob Gorham

Business Development Manager, Boston

Rob is an ambitious marketer for miles2share, he is looking to share this new innovative ride sharing app with universities, colleges, and everyday commuters to help reduce carbon emissions. He also sees a huge potential for m2s and is here to do his part and put in the effort to make sure he can see that come to fruition.