Create your own circles to share ride

miles2share suggests matches based on overlapping distance once you setup your route. Invite members, who best suite your route, to create a group or circle of members with whom you can share rides in future. Do not worry, the process we follow to add other members (strangers!!) to your circles addresses some of the security concerns and privacy concern one may have.

Dynamic and flexible way to share ride - no obligation who is driving

You have flexibility to share rides with any member on your circle. Depending on the starting and returning time you may schedule ride with one member or different members on your circle for different days. Free to drive one day and ride another, there is no obligation. Schedule one day at a time or whole week in advance.

Exchanging miles

Drive to earn miles (or km) and ride to spend miles (or km). miles2share keeps track of miles (or km) exchanged. To schedule a ride you either become a driver to earn miles (or km) or buy miles (or km).

Share - Save - Care

- save money

- save time

- save dependence on oil

- reduce carbon footprint*

- get companion-ship or

- get some sleep

*sharing 4,573 miles (7,315 km) reduces 1 ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) emission